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The READ Foundation - Clothing Donations

Some Quick Facts about READ

  • READ is an accredited 501(c) (3) registered organization.
  • We facilitate the recycling of clothes and shoes to the less fortunate around the world and at home.
  • We work strictly for charitable and non-profit causes.
  • We have generated OVER ONE MILLION DOLLARS in fundraising.
  • READ is Reliability, Experience, Accountability and Dependability.
  • Proudly serving the Tri-State Area For Over 15 Years.

READ'S recycling & fundraising program provides used or unwanted clothing to third world countries. The clothing donations you make enable the financially disadvantaged to acquire used clothing at a fraction of its original cost, thereby providing wearing apparel to those who cannot afford to buy new.  An additional percentage of the clothing collected is donated to domestic worthy causes. The balance is recycled by being reduced to cutting cloth and fillers, thereby creating a 100% recycling cycle. 

In addition to assisting the unfortunate, READís program dramatically impacts the environment in two ways: 
1) Clothing collected in bins is diverted from the landfills, thereby saving our soils and eco system. 
2) Trips to landfills by trucks and ships are greatly lessened, thereby reducing carbon monoxide emitted into the atmosphere.

READís impeccable credentials and solid fund-raising history establishes a level of credibility upon which sponsoring organizations rely.

Organizations such as Municipal Alliances, Project Graduations, Volunteer Fire Fighters, First Aid Squads and Community Non-Profit Causes can join the READ TEAM and participate in recycling programs that produce fundraising dollars without any active involvement except to identify recycling container locations.
The READ TEAM consists of community oriented, non-profit entities, which receive fundraising revenue through recycling. READís 15+ years of fundraising existence has generated long-term relationships with READ community oriented projects. Give our READ Associate the opportunity to meet with your organization and immediately begin receiving fundraising dollars through recycling.

Fundraising Through Recycling.